Are you are having trouble finding advertisers for your blog site? The reason is because your blog probably doesn't show enough value to potential advertisers for them to advertise with you in any substantial fashion. With my advertising solutions your blog will be on its way to earning serious money in no time.

So here it is, the solution you need. In one word it's "Collaboration". I am so confident that this is the solution, I am willing to participate myself. I am a long-time beauty blogger who is looking to create an advertising network comprised of fellow beauty bloggers who are interested in combining their efforts in order to earn greater advertising dollars from their blog. This is a serious money making proposition which combines the power of multiple blogs into one vast advertising platform.

As a result, I have put together an advertising strategy that can easily bring you in recurring income each and every month from advertisers. The only thing I need to achieve this goal is to collaborate with other hard working bloggers who are serious about making a legitimate and substantial amount of money from their blogs.

Finally, by offering advertisers the opportunity to have their ads displayed on the several sites at once you would be able to offer tremendous value that companies would be eager and willing to pay for. Meaning the larger the ad network we create the larger the revenue we will receive. Lastly, you keep your independence. Meaning we would work collaboratively on procuring advertisers, but our blogs would remain independent of each other.

Here are some examples of how this works:

Benefit 1 - We would work together and combine our insights and experience in finding companies, brand names and public relations firms that we could market our advertising platform to.

Benefit 2 - You would have strength in numbers with your advertising negotiations. Thus bringing in more advertising revenue.

Benefit 3 - Easy payment setup. Advertisers will credit each blog independently. For example, a $250 ad buy for 5 blogs, would mean advertisers would credit each bloggers PayPal account $50 for their share of the ad buy.

Benefit 4 - Fast, easy and effective.

Benefit 5 - More benefits available upon request.

If you are interested in making more money with your blog please email me at