Elite Serum Review

I believe that the number one thing you can do to look great now and for years to come is to get yourself an effective skin care routine. My current skin care routine is centered around anti-aging. And right now the top ingredient that is on the radar of anti-aging gurus alike harnesses the powers of peptides to help skin look youthful.  I recently was given  the opportunity to try the very exciting anti-aging Elite Serum from SkinPro for my review compliments of SkinPro and I couldn't wait to share my results with all of you!

Prior to trying out the Elite Serum for myself, I made sure that I did my fair share of research on this product. And what I learned from the information that I read got me very excited! I came across an article from prweb.com titled "Dr. Oz, Fox News and Elite Serum: The Great Peptide Debate Continues." which talks about the benefits of using peptides in anti-aging skin care products. According to the article peptides are so effective that even Dr. Oz has recommended products that contains peptides to his viewers. "In a 2012 episode Dr. Oz recommended that viewers should find a treatment containing the anti-aging peptide Argireline, which is a main ingredient in Elite Serum.  Also in the article, Dermatologist Joely Kaufman states that "peptides deliver a therapeutic solution, reducing the appearance of wrinkle depth and fine lines over an extended period of use." Elite Serum is a topical anti-aging serum whose formula contains 6 anti-aging Peptides. Argireline, Haloxyl, Eyeliss, Sna-8, Syn-Coll, Matrixyl3000 combined with Hyaluronic acid and red and green seaweed extract create a powerful pharmaceutical grade serum that works to combat fine lines and wrinkles, dark under eye circles and under eye puffiness."  All great news coming from two respected medical professionals.

As for myself, I have been faithfully using the Elite Serum for a few weeks now and I love what I see so far.  My delicate eye area is soft, smooth, hydrated and my fine lines as less noticeable. My entire eye area also looks brighter and less fatigued. I love how the serum glides over my skin, is quickly absorbed and instantly leaves my eye area silky smooth.  I do realize that this is not an overnight treatment so it will take more time to see the maxium benefits of this serum.  But I must tell you that I love this serum and I will continue to include the Elite Serum in my daily anti-aging skin care routine.  Please check this product out for yourself and learn how Elite Serum could benefit you. Till then!  B.

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